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AUSTRALIAN MOTORS is a team of high performing motor industry professionals.

Our great people make us a great motor group. We are passionate, loyal and deeply committed to developing positive, lasting relationships with each other and with our customers.

The long-established family ethos of Australian Motors is very important to us. While we work for our own families, we also have pride in working for the Australian Motors family.

It is these family values of quality, honesty and integrity that makes us different to every other car dealership and guarantee a unique standard of customer service.

Wayville Isuzu Ute

We call this the Australian Motors Experience.

This experience starts when you purchase a vehicle from our dealership — the very best range, options, price and sales knowledge in South Australia.

The experience continues every time you have your vehicle serviced at one of our service centres. You can expect state of the art service facilities, airport lounge- style hospitality, highly trained service technicians and a promise that the job will be finished on time and on budget.

When it comes time to upgrade your vehicle, we will ensure your experience is memorable and rewarding with our personalised selection and purchase process and the best trade-in price in SA.

And as an Australian Motors customer, you will also get an opportunity to access a range of rewards and participate in our Community Care program.

It’s all part of the Australian Motors Experience

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Our New Beginning

Whether it’s the seven decades of expertise, the feeling you get when you walk into our dealership or the satisfaction of knowing that your car is being serviced at our service centre, experience is the engine that drives us. For us, a new era begins with the name Wayville Isuzu UTE – Driven by Australian Motors. Driven by is our new motto and it is our way of communicating our passion for a professional customer service. As your experience starts and ends with our staff, we promise to deliver the ultimate retail and service experience by nurturing the Australian Motors culture in our people.

Wayville Isuzu Ute


Australian Motors was proudly founded by the Hassen family in 1952, making us one of the oldest and largest privately-owned auto retailers in Adelaide. Formerly known as ‘The Great, Great Guys’ Australian Motors Isuzu UTE, we are honoured to be able to continue to service the South Australians’ automotive needs.

As we invest in the latest technology to continue developing new services for our customers, our family continues to prioritise our staff’s needs, making sure they are trained in all aspects of technical and sales support, as to ensure we exceed your expectations.

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